Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls (STF) are the most common causes of injuries in workplaces. STF injuries contributed to more than 20% of all workplace injuries and hurt more than 1,000 employees every year. Besides sprains and strains, STF can also cause more serious injuries like fractures and head injuries.

What are Slips, Trips and Falls?

Slips, trips and falls are defined as falling on the same level due to these situations:

  • Slip – stepping on a slippery surface or an object and losing balance;
  • Trip – foot striking against an object and losing balance; and
  • Fall – stepping on an uneven surface and losing balance.

STF should not be taken lightly as they can also lead to other types of accidents, such as falls from heights if a person slipped and fell near an open side.

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